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October 18th, 2005

02:57 pm
I haven't touched this in ages, have I? It's just very hard to find time to write when Lily's learned to walk. She's not fast, but she's sneaky. She's got nearly all her teeth in, which means some of the fits have stopped--only to be replaced by other fits, of course--and my mum had a look at them and says they're fine. Of course, Fred and Aluitious keep trying to give her sweets, and she's really not to have them, she's much too small! Besides, Lily full of sugar is a sight terribly to behold.

Thanks to everyone for coming to her birthday party. She's destroyed a good number of the things she got by now, but she's really partial to the crayons, especially the one with the butterflies. She keeps making these sweeping lines and watching them flutter off the paper. There are butterfly shadows stuck to the ceiling. She also likes being read to, I'm happy to say.

When she's asleep, or when Ron's got her, I've been doing some research. I mentioned it before, it's something Professor McGonagall hooked me up with. It's conveniently something I can do from home when there's time.

I've been having the urge to cook--please don't laugh, I'm getting better!--so would anyone like to come over for dinner sometime soon? I promise the baby mess will be kept to a minimum!


August 14th, 2005

02:38 pm
Only two more weeks until NEWT results. Professor McGonagall owled yesterday, and mentioned she knows some people who like to hire people freelance to do research, and she thought of me because then I'd be able to do it while Lily is down for a nap, or just whenever I could fit it in around her. There's always tutoring, too, like I did last summer, once things are settled at last. So I'll be able to contribute properly at last, and take some of the pressure off Ron.

Harry, we haven't heard from you since your birthday, and I did specifically say you should keep in touch better, even if we just grab a cup of tea sometime. And I was wondering if you and Ginny might not mind taking Lily off our hands for a night next week, as there are some things I'd like to get done around here, and really wouldn't mind a bit of time with Ron alone, too.

Gin, how was Scotland?


July 2nd, 2005

12:46 am
Ron! I'm done! All finished! That was the last NEWT and as soon as I get the results I ought to have eight! All that hard work finally came to something and we'll move this weekend and I'm so excited!

Where are you? Where's Lily? I want to celebrate. I know your mum has pudding made, especially with Ginny coming home tomorrow. Let's go see if there's ice cream! With chocolate syrup. And cherries. And Lily can smear it all over her face for all I care.


June 21st, 2005

01:57 pm - As my dad says, 'I love it when a plan comes together.'
Things are really going quite well. Ron and I found a lovely little flat in London near the Ministry; it's a bit small, but in a cosy sort of way. I think it's not really too far from where you live, Harry, so maybe we'll see a bit more of you. It's a renovated Muggle building, so there are regular taps and plugs and things, though I'm not sure how those will work as it's all magical now. But we'll be moving in once I've finished NEWTs. Mum Weasley's been taking care of Lily while I revise and get ready.

It's so strange! So much has changed over the past two years, and it's really odd to think in two weeks I'll have my NEWTs at last. It's been a bit of a detour, but really I'm only a year behind, now. And I don't know how much difference it will make right away, since I can't very well go out and get a job while taking care of Lily, but it means that I could.

You'll all come to our housewarming, once we've settled in, won't you?


May 27th, 2005

07:29 pm - One good thing after another.
The NEWTs board has agreed to let me sit exams, thanks to a good recommendation from Professor McGonagall, so I'll have them shortly after all, and only a year late. I've been revising like mad.

Ron has had a promotion, so we'll be able to find our own place to live soon. Not that the Burrow and his parents aren't wonderful, but it doesn't quite feel right, still living with them instead of getting on with our own lives, at this point. (Harry, you'd me more than welcome to come and look for a place with us, next weekend, if you like. You too, Gin, if you're not at school for some reason. I can't keep track of Hogsmeade weekends, but I can't imagine they'd have one this close to NEWTs.)

Lily can make small sentences ('want cake,' for example, and 'up now'), and can tell between her arms and her feet.


April 8th, 2005

07:35 pm - time goes by
I think I'm very nearly ready to take NEWTs, now. I can't tell you how much better this makes me feel--I'm only a year behind, this way, if they'll let me slip in and take them along with Ginny's class. I don't know what will happen then, as I still need to be here with Lily, but it will be something very important out of the way.

Harry, we're all quite disappointed you don't ever come by. I know you're very busy and preoccupied, but we're your friends, and we miss you, and that's hardly an excuse for being neglectful!

It seems like we've all grown up so much. It's strange, isn't it? How very odd. It doesn't seem like that long ago we were children, lost and on our own for the first time on a train to Hogwarts.
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic


January 22nd, 2005

04:47 pm
I'm tired, and sore, and sometimes suspect this is going to be the way of things for the rest of my life. It's not really a complaint, mind, just an observation.

We're slowly trying to ease Lily onto real food. Sometimes she seems agreeable to this plan, and other times she wants no part of it. It is very easy to tell which sort of day it is, based on whether she throws the food at your face or dumps it off her tray, or attempts to stuff it all into her mouth. It's been said before, but she does eat like a Weasley.

She's starting to talk, as well, just a little bit. She has 'Mama' and 'Papa' down, as well as 'Ga,' which is apparently Lily-speak for 'Gran'. It's gratifying, when she comes up and declares 'Mama' and climbs into my lap, I admit. It makes me think I'm not quite so hopeless at this mother thing as I usually believe.


December 31st, 2004

09:02 pm
Right, well.

Ronald, you did want to do this. Are you ready to go then?


November 12th, 2004

11:21 pm - Mummy update, and current events.
I suppose it's a bit pointless to say that I think it's absolutely awful, what happened on Halloween. It's quite clear tha YKW's followers are determined to carry on even if he himself isn't there with them. He isn't, right? Dumbledore destroyed him, I heard, surely he cant come back again? It's a horrible business, but Harry, this time it isn't something you have to take care of. They're mortals, and the Aurors are trained in taking care of such things, and you don't have to be responsible for it. All right?

Lily has discovered mirrors, and is absolutely fascinated by them. She realises that it's herself looking back out of them, and likes to wave at herself and make faces at her reflection. She's also developing an attitude, and when she doesn't want to do something, she lets you know quite loudly! I've been reading to her a lot, because I remember that being one of the best things about my childhood. There's a story she's particularly fond of about a rabbit with a red nose that feels out of place until he realises that the fox won't recognise him as food because of how odd he looks. I fall asleep some nights with the words of this story running through my head.

Harry, what's your schedule like? Ron and I would really like to go out and do something with you, something outside the house where we could all relax and have a good time.

Private to RonCollapse )


September 21st, 2004

09:41 pm
Well, my birthday was lovely. Ron took me out for dinner; there was a rumour that he'd been going to cook but that it had gone quite badly and he thought better of it. Either way, we came home and there was cake and tea, and I got some lovely things from everyone. Including Lily, though I rather think her gran helped her pick her present out.

Lily is almost a year old now herself, and I hope everyone will be able to come to her first birthday. Harry and Ginny, I do mean you. And Ginny, you really should go back to school before you miss much more. It's nearly October already.


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